~Pook Toques & Dukes~

The Pook Toque is the most fashionable & unique winter hat you will find anywhere.  From skiing the slopes, to walking the dog on a brisk winter night, keeping warm in a cottage, or attending your daily business meeting...

You want to be seen wearing the Pook Toque!!!


Pook Toque~Adult







Pook Dukes
Inspired by our first product, the Pook Toque, we have created another fantastic, truly unique winter product from the traditional Canadian wool sock.
Pook Dukes are extremely warm, stylish, and a perfect match to your head wear, the Pook Toque.
Pookie Toquie
The smaller, child size version of the adult Pook Toque.
How unbelievably adorable!!!
Pook Toque