"Kid's" Animal Warm Whimsical Woolys

~Our fun & whimsical animal hats are made of 100% natural wool from New Zealand. This wool contains lanolin which makes our hats water resistant and provides a unique, natural self cleaning effect.
*Our animal hats are made in a fair trade environment, designed by our company, then fair wages are paid to the community in which they were created.
 ~Like all of our Fair trade Animal Hats you can rest assured that
each hat & mitt is hand knit, incredibly soft, warm, and very unique.
*All are created with the best of quality in mind!!*
"Kid's Knit Moose Hat &/or Mitts
*Now, how cute is this?
*So much fun, & warm to wear while venturing through the arctic tundra of their back yard....
-Keeps you cozy warm!!!
-Hand created, & fully lined with polar fleece
-Handmade with the highest quality in mind!!!

Price: $20.00