Rip Flower/Peace Bag
Great colours with small
rips that show underneath
-Handmade & stitched
-All bags are one of a kind

Price: $30.00
Om/Peace Patch Bag
Great colours with small anti-fray rips that show underneath colours
-Handmade & stitched, embroidered & patch
-All bags are one of a kind

Price: $30.00
Flower/Peace Patch Bag
Great colours with unique hand embroidered flowers, peace & Om
-Handmade & stiched, embroidered & patchworked
-All bags are one of a kind
Price: $25.00




All process of dying, weaving, assembling & creation is lovingly done by hand.
Ten Things to do with Your Bag:
1. Take your bag with you when you go to the beach... insert towel and sun screen, a book, or if you're lucky, a Kindle ... with 80+ books in the space you usually use for one. Toss in a cool bottle of water, and you'll be ready to go!
2. My bags are ideal for trips to the market for herb tea and granola. Instead of using an ordinary canvas shopping bag, try using your trendy bag. The store clerks won't forget you.
3. You can use one of these bags as a kitty pouch to take your cat for a walk. Toss Fluffy in the bag and if you have the type with a drawstring at the top, close it gently. Keeps kitty safe on a walk to see the vet.
4. One of my favorite uses for my bag is for holding sewing notions. I have one of mine on the wall of my office with measuring tape, thread, buttons, sewing scissors, pins, and all the other sewing-related goodies I own, all in one place.
5. Hang a bag in your kitchen pantry as a colorful, alternative place to store things like aluminum foil, waxed paper, and baggies. You could also use it to stuff in plastic grocery bags if you're still using those.
6. Pack a change of clothes in your hippie bag when you go out of town overnight. Rather than take a bulky overnight satchel, toss everything you'll need into the bag and you'll be ready to take off. This could double as an impromptu pillow.
7. Do you have a problem with an excess of electric cords and assorted electronic accessories? You could toss them all in one convenient bag and hang that in your office or tuck it under your computer table.
8. Herbalists can use these bags for gathering herbs from the wild while they're out hiking in the fields or woods. Sling one over your shoulder with a bottle of chilled spring water, and see what you can find.
9. Diaper bag. Shall I say more? Or just use it for toys you need to take along for the kids. One of these bags are roomy, portable, and convenient.
10. You can use the bag to tote books, supplies, and binders to high school or college and back. A messenger bag would be especially helpful for students.

           Beautiful "Busy" Bags


Why I create these uniquely useful Bags!!

 My bags are colorful, joyous, mentally uplifting, and fun to carry. I consider them an art form, and I am an artist.

As I chose the bags for this collection, I looked, above all, for artistry. I love the creativity that goes into bag design.

 Creativity is an integral part of living, and perception on it...this is why we have our very own way we create. If we are not spending our lives in a whirlwind of creativity we're missing a huge resonant part of life. Creativity is the bringing forth of our own unique manner of expressing ourselves.  We've each got a unique way of expressing it and the more we practice creativity, the closer we become to our own true selves.

I love every part of the creative process, and love coming up with different products to appeal to all!!


Here are a few of my favorites from my collection of handmade bags: