Sally Joyce, owner & creator of  BALANCE POINT ENERGETICS,  is a native of Southwestern Ontario and has been a student of ancient ways for more than 20 years.

photo by Jen Merritt

Her studies include Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Reiki, Feng Shui, and Shamanism. She has studied Core Shamanism, Peruvian Shamanism, and Celtic Shamanism with teachers from the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, Peruvian Elders, Spirit Allies, and many wise people sitting in circle.

Her understanding of our world has also been complemented by her experiences with Waldorf and Montessori Education, and her degrees in Environmental Studies and Education. She has used her training to clarify her path as a marriage partner, mother, teacher, wellness practitioner, artist and community member.

She has worked professionally in her community as a consultant, teacher, retailer and administrator using her Shamanic training to empower her work, and she is passionate about sharing her experiences with others to help them flourish through harmonious living.

Hundertwasser inspired portrait of Sally Joyce painted by Jessica Joyce 2009, oil & watercolour on canvas

My Vision:

The ultimate purpose of  BALANCE POINT ENERGETICS is to co-create a harmonious, beautiful, healthy & sustainable world by assisting individuals and groups to reclaim  wholeness,  and awaken to the awareness that they are an interconnected part of all life.

My Mission:

To relieve suffering in the world by guiding individuals and groups to reclaim their power and become who they truly are.

To provide the tools and support for individuals and groups to become empowered to live a harmonized and fulfilling life of continuous positive transformation.

To bring non-invasive healing practices to the forefront to receive the recognition and acceptance they deserve so that every individual can freely choose and access their path to wholeness.

I Believe:

Every living thing is fundamentally whole, beautiful and creative, and carries universal wisdom within.

All aspects of life are interconnected.

We have the power within each of us, or can recover the power to overcome obstacles and make impossibilities possible.

There is abundance in the universe;  and it is our birthright to live within that abundance and experience lives of beauty, prosperity and contentment.

We are spirits learning how to live in human bodies and life is a journey of the soul.   Every experience is an opportunity to discover more about ourselves and how to live life fully.

Healing, becoming whole and empowered, is about realigning with one’s soul path.

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