~The Amazing Magic Wrap~


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The Amazing Magic Wrap is a silk reversible, two layer, wrap around skirt.
Each skirt is beautifully designed from exclusive silk and vintage sari material in a wide array of colors and designs.
You can put your own signature style into every design you create and conform the material to the best shape and fit for your body.
The Magic Skirt is a truly unique piece of art!
One size fits most (Sizes:0-14).
We provide instructions on various ways to wear the skirt to help you get started.
We encourage you to experiment on your own to see what new fashions you can create!!!
1 Skirt...100 Styles!!!
 You're Going To Love This Mutli-Wear
"Cashmere Silk" Piece of Art,
And Discovering All That You Can 
Create With It!!!
Have Fun With It,
And Come Up With Your
Very Own Unique Styles!!